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Originally Posted by livin2day View Post
I've been lurking on this site over the last few months, and you guys have sold me on the DR 650. I started off going through the BMW line up, but I finally narrowed it down to either the KLR or DR. After A LOT of lurking, the DR seems to be the best fit. My only concern has been the longevity of an air cooled vs liquid cooled? Seems like the KLR's are getting more mileage and have more RTW trips under their belts. Either way, the 50k miles people are getting from the DR's seems plenty for the price, and is a less hassle and more dirt worthy platform.

Anyway, I'm Planning on living off of it for more than a year, with destinations unknown. I'd like to start off with the TAT, then to AK, and on down to SA (and beyond?) riding as little paved road as possible. I think I've sorted through enough threads/posts to have a basic build in mind, but will post comparison questions in each subject thread of the index. Thanks in advance for all your help and any recommendations are welcomed.
As Rusty says, the Index thread on page One of Thumpers will lead you to all the various topics on DR650's. A great resource and much easier to access than the giant 9 million view BIG DR650 thread.

It's true, the KLR has been used for more RTW trips if you go back into the 1980's. The DR650 was not really discovered as a 1st Class RTW Adventure bike until much later. I bought a NEW KLR in 1998 ... totally stock ... did a 5500 mile Baja, Mexico, Guatemala trip on it. Got it home and sold it. I'm not a fan. But a well set up KLR is much better than a stock one.

But compared to the DR650 the KLR has some weak areas ... which you probably know about since you did your homework.

I would not hesitate to start your own build thread in Thumpers. I'm sure you'll get lots of participation from the thousands of DR650 riders on ADV.
Lots of knowledgeable guys here world wide. Some really good fabricators and innovators too.

The DR650 is a great low budget Adventure bike that will out perform and out last many more expensive Euro bikes ... singles or twins. With simple mods and decent maintenance ... it will make it.
Have fun!
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