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Hey Jimmy,

You and I have chatted over emails about this, but I"ll add my response to your question here.

I am definitely in, in one way or another, fun or serious, depending on how the finances will look at the time, and what experience I have amassed by then.

Like Doug above, rental bikes would be very good for me. I can make it to Vegas by car, but considering my limited time off, a fly-in, ride, fly-out scheme would be much preferred, if the rental was reasonable.

I agree with what you heard and repeated, it's what you've been doing over the past years, that amalgamated experience is not matched by anything that money can buy. My father always said that "experience is like a flashlight that you have that lights your way. Someone without it can stand right next to you, look in the same direction, but they'll just see darkness, while you see the bumps on the road ahead". So I'm interested in getting as much time on the saddle as possible, in as varied situations as possible, as often as possible. Count me in, one way or another.

Fabio Miguez.
"Man's reach exceeds his grasp, and man's grasp exceeds his nerve"

My 2012 Vegas 2 Reno adventure (on a 990 Adventure) starts here!
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