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Originally Posted by JDLuke View Post
I have to say, if you come up with a hitch design for the BMW single cylinder F650GS/Dakar/G650GS bikes, I would have an awfully hard time not purchasing one of these. I wouldn't need it regularly, but for attending rallies and such it would be perfect.
Originally Posted by hairsmith
I have been fallowing the single wheel thread's since they have started. Love the idea and where your going with this MrBracket ! I am looking to do some trading around on my bikes and then will be interested in ordering one from you, much easer and better than building the one I have been planning.

Any way, looking over your tail light desine I started thinking (danger danger) what if the whole assembly tail light plate every thing could be removed from the back of the bike and located on the back of the trailer. When you get to the camping spot or just want to ride the bike with out the trailer relocate it back to the bike with a couple of pins.
I am not a designer just another guy that is sure enjoying what direction this trailer has taken. I want one !
Just getting a plate and light n the back of the rig might keep the LAW off your back. Here in Texas a motorcycle can have three wheels so putting the bike plate on the back of the trailer should be no problem leagley.

Any way just thoughts had LATE last night.
I'm sure I will come up with a BMW GS hitch at some point, there sure are a lot of them out there!! I need to get a few accesories dialed in first to make the trailer even more useful.

Moving the light and plate back and forth could be a great idea. If someone wanted that as an option I could help make that work for them.
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