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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
This Kurt Busch thing is baloney if it was based on the Doctor Jerry Punch interview. Here it is on U tube:

KB clearly didn't want to talk to Punch at that moment. If Penske had somebody there with any balls, nothing would have happened. Jerry Punch, like all those tabloid paparazzi, doesn't care what Busch wants. He only cares what he and his producer wants. This from a guy who has been trackside for 25 years...

After this so-called 'tirade', we have all the media columnists piling on in outrage over KB's rejection of the their man. I think it's laughable... Look at it and decide for yourself.

I think guys like Punch are creeps (lots of them in baseball too). Plus, if that is an anger management tirade, I've heard a lot worse in the 12 years I carted my kids to youth hockey matches all over New England. Heck, you should go see a Saturday night modified race in California!

Just preposterous in my mind. It's nothing more than the reporter darlings being pushed aside. One of them made that video and put it on U-tube for effect. It's all contrived. They want to end his career if they can. Those people are garbage. They serve no good purpose at all. Of coures they are part of the show...

If I had a team or was a driver on a team, I would have a personal media handler to run interference with those creeps. He'd grant or decline the interviews and stand right next to the driver during. When things went sideways, his job is to simply take the driver into the hauler and leave the creeps standing. That would make for better TV yet, except they wouldn't publish it...

NASCAR could learn a few things from DORNA. MotoGP riders are protected from the garbage out there like Jerry Punch, Michael Vega and the like.

In any event, teams have to run at the front to keep sponsors. Tony Stewart (and many others) demonstrated that winning is more important than talking to Jerry Punch. Kurt Busch will get a good ride and win more races. There are lots of needy teams and a driver that can win won't go hungry.

All good points Pantah. There was talk a few years ago of keeping the reporters away from the drivers for a cooling off period after incidents and race finishes. I kind of like Jerry, so that smarts, but he was pushing it as most of them do. Then they are all aghast when they get exactly what they were hoping for. It is a lot hooeeey. Get your delay and beeper button out if you are going to be in their face.
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