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All good points Pantah. There was talk a few years ago of keeping the reporters away from the drivers for a cooling off period after incidents and race finishes. I kind of like Jerry, so that smarts, but he was pushing it as most of them do. Then they are all aghast when they get exactly what they were hoping for. It is a lot hooeeey. Get your delay and beeper button out if you are going to be in their face.
Punch has been there for a long time. He was pretty good in the early days too. But you can see from the video that he is consulting his producer as the interview failed. KB made his point that he didn't want to talk. Nobody left. They simply pressed him until they had something to make a story.

Foul play in my mind. Punch knew it and proceeded anyway. Contrived in my mind.

Seriously, you can't turn the sport over to the media with all-access. They'll kill it off for a bump for chrissakes. Every major league sport controls media access to players. It's a battle, but they get it done except the folks on International Speedway, Daytona FL! There is a reason the major sports control their media and we have seen it first hand. NASCAR needs to step up. If not them, than thier teams need to control it. We fans are not stupid. We know when a player is cursing pissed for whatever reason in any sport!
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