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Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
With the IMS tank and 8kg rear spring, it'd be sweet.
Safari tank and you'd want .46 or so front springs too.
I'm 190lbs and don't have gear weight yet, but assuming a max of 75-100lbs. Thought I'd split the difference between ,46 and .50, and just go with the .48. The intiminators gotta make up for some of that, so concerned the .50's or higher would be too stiff? I'm no enduro rider and am really just looking for something thats not gonna bottom out, will handle the load, and go the distance. Would the .50's be a must given my weight and possibly a Safari tank?

Also, I'm 6ft with a 32" inseam, and it seems the DR's are preferred by the shorter folks because of the lower ride height. How much added height am I looking at with different springs, intiminators, a cogent rear, and a Sergant seat? Think I'll still need the lowered pegs and bar raisers?

Thanks for your replies.
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