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Originally Posted by bighopper View Post
I tried purchasing the IICE Air, but when I select 'Outside US' & select 'Canada - Alberta' I don't get a shipping cost?

Are these only available to the US .

Can someone help with this, I sure need to get me one of these items & most probably the IICE Cool when she be available.

Hey there BH,

Regarding foreign shipping...

The IICE Air isn't RoHS compliant (lead free components), and cannot be shipped commercially outside the US. There isn't anything I can do about that at this time. Sorry.

On the other hand, if you have a friend in the US who can buy it for you, and perhaps mail it to you, that's fine. If you do arrange that, please don't tell me about it. Seriously, do not let me know about it.

Can anyone help out bighopper? If so, shoot him a Private Message or email. Just don't tell JJ or I about it.

Thank you for your interest. And sorry for the inconvenience.



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