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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
own both..... love both....... dirtbike on steriods vs traveling machine

stock suspension the HP2 lacks.... air rear.... although some love it....
crashability? easily buy a set of crashbars
nimble.... the HP2 wins! amazing how light weight it feels.... crack the throttle and is on the rear wheel. steering tighter as well
long distance? ask helge pederson or the guy that was at TT the other day something like 50k kms......
bigger tanks are avalible and they seem to be enough for more people
racks.... pack light!!! the hp2's do have a weak rear subframe
seats - one word - renazco (I swear you send the guy a 2x4 and he'll send you a lazy boy)
screens... K.I.S.S. but yes
MPG its a stripped down basic 1200gs with less weight so overall very good

personal opinion here: the HP2 is my next choice for a RTW bike..... I was going to go with a HP2 for my trip but could only trade my old bike in on a F800GS and so there I went.... the HP2 however is an absolute hooligan bike.... badass power like a cagged up lion. no passenger pegs are a bummer but they can be added..... which I kinda like the way they detach. weak rear subframe is an issue but some basic packing and slimmed down kit plus reinforcments should have you rolling with no problem. The nice idea behind the opposed cyclinders are the easier maintenacnce. adjustment wise. in the end.... I am still at even toss up between the 800 and the hp2. I love my 800 but i also love the hp2. the main reason why the hp2 fits the bill for RTW easier for me however is the climb on and ride ability. the stock hp2 range.... SUCKS!!!! plus you need more things to make the hp2 RTW ready than you would on a 800. this being said however the amount of time i spent preparing my 800 i could have spent preparing an hp2. I have often times thought (even now) to sell my 800 for a hp2 but for me my 800 has grown on me..... the good times and the bad times we have spent together.... and ultimately people like lostrider, twalcom, bitubo, TT etc can show that the 800 can be put to use as a heavy highly capable dirtbike like the hp2.

pictures for thought

RTW ready

and i stand corrected.... 80,000 MILES on this beast...

this is showing the opposite how these two machines can serve both purposes

Before this starts into a typical bike thread playing blames I wanna say that talking to doug (RTWdoug) the other day really opened my eyes.... we had both just gotten back from magadan russia.... nice once in our evening together did we really mention that one bike was better than the other..... for an adventure or RTW journey I would say that is lies in the people and places that you see. Who knows how many times i wanted to trade a local mongolian for there 100cc motorcycle.... its the ride... not what you ride....

Great response, that's exactly what I was looking for
I have a feeling that there are some decisions being made on certain teams lately to make things more complex in order to ensure a certain technological standard of confusion is met.
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