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[QUOTE=MrBracket;17485494]Hi John,
I'm working on a kickstand for the trailer too. If you come up with something slick show it off here, perhaps other users could benefit from what you come up with.Quote]

Not my idea but go to Goodwill and get 2 aluminum crutches with the adjustable legs. $3.50 last time I bought a pair. Use the bottom part with the adjustment holes and make a way to attach them to Mule. One of the guys here in WW made some. Shown here from another thread holding up bike, improvise for Mule. rj

"It's made from the adjustable part of an aluminum crutch. I just drilled out the rivets from the crutch and left it full length. I installed a hook on the top end. In the stored postion it's 15 inches long and at full length it's 23 inches. but I don't think I would try and use it that long. I left the rubber tip on to help keep it from sinking into the ground.

The easiest way to install it for the back tire is to stand on the side stand side of the bike. Pull the bike towards you onto the side stand and lean over the bike and place the hook under or some place around the front foot peg area. For the front tire I stand on the opposite side and just lift up on my engine guard. I place it in a hole on the front of my skid plate.

You will have to find the sweet spot on the bike for the jack. But it will be close to the spots I have mentioned.

It's a very inexpensive jack to make. And it beats looking for a rock or stick the right size. Plus if you don't want to build it. You can buy one already made on line. But building it yourself is more fun." Walla Walla Bob's invention

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