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Originally Posted by kirb View Post
Any Norge owner interested in testing/owning a set of 1" drop pegs from Knight Design? I have heard that lower pegs could be a problem with the side stand..anyone confirm?

I tested a set for my Griso and heard they are the same as the Norge. I had a set revised for the stock spring and will send the revised set to a Norge owner to try. Looking for more leg room? PM me and we can discuss.
I tried the adjustable ones from Moto-International. The U.S. style steel sidestand rests on the underside of the alloy peg. Not only do you get lots of engine vibrations through your boot sole, but in 600 miles the sidestand had ground a big notch in the underside of the peg. I tried placing a bumper on the sidestand, which kinda worked--the vibrations stopped and the grinding stopped but now I was dragging the stand on not-very-tight left turns. The Euro-style sidestand works OK with the MI pegs, but I like my big foolproof American sidestand too much so I got rid of the MI pegs.

Looking at your pic, I'd guess in advance that your peg will have the same sidestand problem. I can test mule it for you if you'd like. PM me.
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