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I may actually do some planning for the third annual:
"Mindless Wandering and Miscellaneous Scenery Ride".

This ride is perfect for new riders, riders with pillion, husband/wife teams, late rising alcoholics, those that loathe "organized" rides, under-achievers and those that like to wander aimlessly! It is marginally more adventurous than a rush hour trip to Starbucks, will involve some gravel, dirt if I'm lucky and may involve wheelies and or high speeds. Extreme low speeds can also be expected and Fe Woman will demonstrate how to travel at the speed of stop!

Last year's bikes included Tigers, KLRs, KTM 9-somethings, BMW 11-something GS's and some others that I can't recall.

We usually meet somewhere near the bikes, sometime after breakfast and coffee but before lunch, discuss where to get gas, stare at maps, retrieve forgotten items from tents, talk more about direction, stare at maps some more and depart.

Kickstands will be up promptly as soon as some direction is determined and demonstrated.

Lunch will be a priority though it usually occurs after much wandering and further discussion.

Photo opportunities will be numerous, exploited and overlooked; sometimes at the same time.

Route reversals and backtracking can be expected along with stalled starts, strange looks, muttered complaints, mild profanity and my wife shaking her head while staring at me.

This ride usually happens Friday and Saturday and sometimes involves totally new routes; mainly because no one can remember where we have actually been.

This will definitely, probably be a blast; or something!


Today I actually looked at a map and started thinking about the route. I'm pretty sure we will be pulling out of the parking lot and turning left!


Almost certainly left!

Thinking about heading up into Virginia, around Mt Rogers then maybe over towards Grayson Highlands....
Mixed bag of roads, easy gravel, maybe some dirt roads, nothing too sketchy cause Fe Woman doesn't want to crash too much. This will really be nothing more than "wonder where this goes" again and again.

Input is welcome!
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