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Originally Posted by zaptoad View Post
If you are running it on the street, just wondering what silencer/spark arrestor yoou are using. Mine came with a DG pipe and a stock arrestor hay wired on. Just what might take some of the bark out of it?


Yes... I have a vintage tag on this bike and have it insured with Hagerty along with my vintage streetbikes.

I am running a DG pipe as well. I bought a FMF universal silencer/spark arrestor. It came with a stinger pipe extension and a mounting tab.

Here is a photo of a my setup as I am positioning things before I weld it. I first positioned the silencer where I wanted it to mount to the frame (using the supplied clamp and yamaha rubber mount). I then cut the stinger extention to the proper length. The stinger slides into the DG pipe. Instead of clamping it, I chose to weld it to reduce the posibility of leaks than can damage the plastic number panel. The silencer is then clamped to the other end of the extention.

You can see how the mounting tab is also positioned on the extention in preperation of welding. Here too I used a yamaha rubber hanger bracket between the frame and the mounting tab.

This setup works well. The mounting is solid and clean. The FMF silencer is just barely acceptable noise wise. I do wisk it was a little quieter though. I recently came across a pretty massive aluminum silencer/spark arrestor that some one told me was off a husky. Given its size I would think it would be quieter. I may give it a try some time in the future.

The IT490 is a bit of a wild beast. I dont ride it on the street much as it wants to entice me into doing something that will get me arrested... hope the photos help.

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