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Originally Posted by Porrick View Post
Well, after a three week wait, I finally got my DDM single bulb high/low HID kit. I was a little nervous when I saw on the tracking info that t was drop-shipped from China, but the price was great and it seems that Adv Grifter and others were able to make this work. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm so lucky.....

The box arrived looking like it had been stomped, but when I opened it, all the parts seemed to be in tact. In fact, there seemed to be too many parts, as it has a harness that is clearly made for a car (with a long extension holding a second bulb/switching connection) and a massive relay that everything feeds into. I am guessing that this is needed to control the high/low function? But it doesn't appear in Adv Grifter's writeup of the high/low install, so maybe it is for something else?? Also, the bulb I received has a metal shield around it that is removable, but the three mounting tabs come off with the shield, so not sure what to do about this. Of course, there were no directions/part list/warranty in the box, and the .pdf help files on the DDM site only show an H4 car installation.. I tried calling DDM, but got on hold and then a guy got on and told me they'd call me in three hours (they didn't).....

So, since it was only $40, I am gonna try to chop this harness up and reassemble to make it work, but I need to identify the parts to determine what needs to stay.

Here's what I need to know (at this point):

1) I can easily get into the relay connection and remove the extra harness length by pulling the connectors. Will this cause problems?

2) There is a wire with small plug that comes from the relay that I can't identify and is not mentioned in any of the write-ups -- could this be power/ground for the relay??

3a) Why does this harness need it's own rely? Can I cut it out and use the stock headlight relayed and connected high/low switch?

3b) I know that there is a magnet that moves the single bulb in/out base on high/low setting and I assume this needs power, will the stock switch provide this, or can I tap into the bike's harness to get it?

It sure would be nice to pare this HID harness down to what is necessary and reduce the amount of crap I have to mount behind my dash...

Any/all information (or even edu-macated guesses) would be appreciated.


I too have ordered this kit from DDM, I have experienced what you have before with the shipping being rough looking and no paperwork inside. Not even a thank you for your business card. But anyway I've done a kit to my car and it was easy plug and play, but I hope this kit for the DR650 is easy. I'm pretty good with this sort of stuff, and if I ever get it I will post what I did. I am curious as to what you are going to do, and would like to hear about it. I don't think shortening the harness will alter the way it runs. (sometimes things are sensitive to resistance changes)

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