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Originally Posted by Aerocycle View Post
I too have ordered this kit from DDM, I have experienced what you have before with the shipping being rough looking and no paperwork inside. Not even a thank you for your business card. But anyway I've done a kit to my car and it was easy plug and play, but I hope this kit for the DR650 is easy. I'm pretty good with this sort of stuff, and if I ever get it I will post what I did. I am curious as to what you are going to do, and would like to hear about it. I don't think shortening the harness will alter the way it runs. (sometimes things are sensitive to resistance changes)


I've now read that others that got a double bulb harness just cut and taped up the long leads without any trouble, so I will remove them from the relay as that is cleaner. As for that huge relay (it's quite a bit bigger than the igniter box), I haven't found a way to remove it and do the high/low switching with the stock setup, but I will keep looking.

Think I'll start by taking out the long leads and then hook up the light to see if I can make it work (with relay still attached). If it does, maybe I'll just shoehorn the damn thing in and call it done......

Or maybe I'll just return the HID to DDM and score an e-bay Buell dual headlight and just run two H4s with a home-built relay to get max power. I also have the fiberglass part of a Lynx faring collecting dust in my shop, so that's also a possibility (though I understand the Lynx windscreens have major buffeting issues ....

At least there are plenty of options.

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