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Originally Posted by geg View Post
it was "OK" (my opinion)
Yep, pretty much my feelings. It was (as someone else said) a hagiography to Senna and I think Prost was treated a little shabbily. It does make you realize how much safer F1 is now (and we thought it was safer in Senna's time compared to the 60 and 70's).

That active suspension Williams was very cool though and I imagine Senna must have regretted leaving McLaren when they changed the rules the year he switched.

Interesting to see just how contentious the drivers meetings could be and the lack of thought behind so much of what went on (has that improved?).

I couldn't help feeling that with the deaths (and even the big crashes they showed) that the film was being a little fetishistic (morbid even). It certainly made the sport look silly (in the sense of trivial). A little more insight into the technical would have added weight, imho. YMMV
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