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2004 R1150RT Wideband O2 Sensor Project (and AF-XIED for BMW)

Hello to everyone here. I'm new to the forum as a member but have been reading the many excellent posts that have helped me fine tune a 2004 R1150RT that I bought this summer. The bike has about 28K miles and I've done just about everything needed to bring the bike to spec: TBB, Valves, Autolite Plugs, Cam Tensioner, Idle, study with GS-911, added a BoosterPlug for Open Loop mode (before I spotted the Hotrod thread), Fluids, Filters, SignalMinder, high-comfort-seat, etc. For the most part the bike runs great and is a pleasure to drive, maybe it needs shocks.

One of the things I've noticed is that while this motorcycle doesn't seem to surge, it runs stronger cold than after it warms to the point where the O2 sensor kicks in and allows Closed Loop operation by the Motronic ECU--when that happens it seems a bit like it's being held back. The feeling is much like a plane I flew when the mixture was leaned a too much. And I've read a lot here and on other boards about the surging and the root causes.

I have been interested in seeing how much time the bike spends in Closed Loop mode and to that end have ridden with my GS-911 datalogging to my PC. In the posts that follow, I will share that data. In the meantime, the data has led me to implement a programmable Closed Loop O2 sensor (Innovate Motorsports LC-1) that will allow me to shift Lambda and AFR. It uses a Wideband O2 sensor by Bosch but also has a Narrow Band output that simulates the stock sensor. The difference is that the "switching point" of the Narrow Band mode can be programmed. This will allow me to try richer (and leaner out of curiosity) Lambda/AFR points.

Data follows in the next few posts.


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