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First Test Ride

Yesterday I plugged in my GS-911 Diagnostic Tool, interfaced it to a small Netbook PC via Bluetooth and took some rides to gather data after the bike warmed up. On the first couple rides I lost the Bluetooth connection but the third time I got some useful data by bungy-cording the PC to the rear seat.

The bike was fully warmed up at the start. Here are the results:

Length of ride: About 15 minutes.
Course: Winding, hilly local roads.
Gears/Speeds: All six gears, many speed and gear changes, from Wide Open to Closed Throttle, up to 70 MPH

Data Points: A little over 1,000 sets of data of all functions logged by the 911 during the 15 minute ride.
RPM: 1100 to 5500;

Fuel Injection Pulse: 2ms to 3.5ms usually, peak of 4.6 ms
***45 points were 0.00ms, meaning the injectors were shut off. This occurred during abrupt deceleration.

Tank Venting: Tank venting was enabled by the Motronic about 3 minutes into the ride, then on for 5 minutes, then off for three minutes, then on again. (I included this just because I found it interesting.)

Fuel Pump: On all the time, as expected

And now the data I was looking for:
Closed Loop operation: The Motronic was Closed Loop 48% of the ride, as I mentioned, it was a winding hilly, many gear and throttle change trip. On a highway trip I would expect a higher percentage of closed loop operation, perhaps tomorrow I'll give that a try.

What this tells me is that no matter what other change you make to the motorcycle, the Motronic will be insisting on an AFR between 14.5 and 15 to 1 (approx), and be centered on a lean 14.7:1 most of the time.

I don't know what results I'll get, but it looks worth giving a programmable Narrow Band O2 sensor a try.
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