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Third Test Ride

Just made a 20 minute local trip at higher RPM. Here's the 911 closed loop info. Tomorrow I plan to take a highway ride cruising between 55 and 75 MPH.

Data Points: 1,400
Driving RPM Range: 3,700 to 5,500 (roughly)

Injectors Fully Off: 3.2% of trip

Open Loop Until Engine Temp: 47 degrees C (115F)
Closed Loop O2: only 25% of trip after reaching 47 C

Compared to the Lower RPM run in the previous trip Closed Loop time was much less 25% (higher average RPMs) vs 55% (lower RPMs). Many posters here and other places recommend running the R1150RT at higher RPMs, this has the effect of running a richer average AFR because the motorcycle is Open Loop.

Also, I felt that the bike is "stronger" when it is cold. That feeling makes sense given that it stays Open Loop with richer mixtures until the engine temp reaches (about) 115F. (Wonder if it stays Open Loop if I put a fixed resistor on the Oil Temp Sensor?)

If anyone has an old and/or dead R1150RT O2 Sensor, please PM me. I would like to purchase it for the connector so that I can build a Wide Band replacement system. Thanks.
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