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Highway Test Ride

Made the highway run yesterday. Data below.

Data Points: 2,100

Driving RPM Range: 3,700 to 5,000 (roughly)
Injectors Fully Off: 3.3% of trip

Closed Loop O2: 47% of trip, up to 80% in steady throttle cruise

I observed two new things from this trip.

1. The highest correlation for closed loop operation is when the TPS (Throttle position) is steady. (I guess that shouldn't be a surprise.)

2. The Motronic will go into Closed Loop mode while the bike is accelerating through the gears. As each new gear was engaged, the Motronic started in Open Loop operation (richest mixture) but would go Closed Loop (leaner mixture) while accelerating. This surprised me. When the bike is cold, it remains Open Loop. My thinking is this is why the motorcycle seems more driveable cold vs hot.

In the chart below (RPM, TPS and Lambda On/Off) you can see the effect of accelerating through a few gears in traffic on the left side (to 5th gear) of the chart (and dealing with changes in traffic speed). On the right half of the chart (to 6th gear), the bike is in "throttle-locked" cruise, more or less. It is in closed loop a lot of the time.

If anyone has an old and/or dead R1150RT O2 Sensor, please PM me. I would like to purchase it for the connector so that I can build a Wide Band replacement system. Thanks.

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