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I took apart an M97 transmission '99 R1100GS

I'm sure just the thought of doing that has some of you shaking your heads. Well, maybe you're right.

It all starts like this:

With about 45k miles on the bike, I figured it was due for a clutch inspection and splice inspection lube.

After removing the final drive, I noticed that the rear trans seal was leaking, so that needed replaced.

I did not like the way the bike was shifting into third, occasionally quite 'crunchy' with an occasional false neutral or pop-out. Yes, I tried all the tricks, preload, quick shift, slow shift. If anything, the trans shifts better cold than warm. Tried all sorts of oils, including Red Line Peptol Bismol heavy slime.

Note for transmission removal: Having ABS makes it a tad more interesting. The solid lines to the rear brake master cyl make it fun. Remove the master cyl. from the pedal mount, remove the clamp holding the metal lines to the trans and kind of shift everything to the side. Oh, and don't forget the two nuts in the bottom of the battery tray, which are attached to rubber mounts on top of the transmission.

If you do it right, eventually you get something like this:

I was really amazed at how light the transmission was. I thought it would weigh more.

Hey, those splines look pretty nice there. No 1150GS here!
They were covered with a heavy pasty goo, much like thick silver anti-sieze.

Guess I could've put it off a while longer.

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