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Because it was on my workbench.

And I've never owned anything that I didn't desire to take apart. Which is not always good. But sometimes it works out. Like when the engine on my Harley softail needed rebuilt. But that's a harley.

By heating the rear cover, you can eventually use a rubber mallet, and beat (nicely...) things apart to get this:

Note that you need to keep track of some things here. The spring and ball from the shifter drum, the shims and that 'propeller shim' on the the middle and output shaft. Ziplock baggies are my friend.

Our friends, the gears:

Once again, by heating the other end of the tranny case, specifically, the bearing seats, you can make your gearbox do this:

Be careful- when it gets hot enough, they just kind fall out, in what could be a somewhat uncontrolled manner. Be prepared to play catch the gear shafts.

Be advised, I did not show the removal of the shift forks and the shafts they ride on. Reading horror stories about M94 trannys, I was worried my forks might be worn. Nope. Maybe just a barely fuzz on one. But I don't have pics. If anyone wants to see them, I could probably post.

Well, even if I do nothing, at least I can replace the output seal.....

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