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Some info aboat the bike.

The tanks was supposed to contain 29-30 L and the digital 3D drawings told us so. When its made we have lost almost 10% and now its 11.5 rear / 7.2 right / 8.3 left. 27 L is ok with me but if you are bad on navigation you probably need som extra? This Dakar (11) i never used all the fuel with my old 30L Husaberg. It was far from empty, allways 10 l extra every day(5 days of racing only).

The underslung exhaust is made to fit 450 bike and need some modification to fit 570. If people want 570 exhaust i can produce it also. The exhaust is 1.5 mm and will resist abuse very well but the wight is not to compare with titanium of course.

The fuelpump is located under the cylinder. Its a Kehin EFI pump and the regulator is husaberg cut down and hidden behind the radiator. This is good i think but its a little expensive pump. Its now possible to have as many fuelfilters as you want. The pump/fuel will never get hot. I have to change the molding tools if i would have husaberg fuelpumb/regulator in one of the fronttanks. This kitt is primary made to me and my needs and any changes is very expensive. Puuuh... the money flyes.......

The navigation tower is similar to the KTM tower with 4 vibration brackets at the MD plate.
The attachemnet to steering tower is welded at my 2 bikes but is supposed to have raddesigns device later on.
I use VisionX and a HID lamp on the race bike but the practisbike have 2 VisionX lights.
The tower have all alectricial on the inside with fuses easy to reach.

Fairing is quit similar to the KTM but change in almost every detail. I hope they dont get pissed ?
Its smaller and not so wide.

The air filter have more air intake but is not to open.

I have made an new oilfilter cover making it possible to attacke a oil cooler. I use KTM but its far to expensive.
I post some pictures later today.

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