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[QUOTE=JRWooden;17507394]Since the oil cools the cover, and the coolant cools the oil, I would hope that whole mess should never exceed 200F?

As a high-side estimate I would guess (hope?) that the side cover never exceeds ~250F / 120C.) end quote

I believe most water / oil cooled engine design try to keep oil tempature above 225F so it is above the boiling point for water. This make any water in the oil, water is a combustion by product, boil off and vent. I believe the top temperature is around 275F. Synthetic oil can tolerate higher. The temperature range between these is normal.

This makes sense in a water oil cooled engine as the water temp(under pressure so it is higher) is limited by venting/blow off at around 230F.

It is clear that the oil is always (nearly anyway) hotter that the water so the water cools the oil.

In reading all these post it would seem ( but not enough facts to say for sure ) that the problem is in failing regulators and the burning of the stators is a symptom of that failure.

The write up on the SCR (fail short) and FET(fail open) failure modes ring true to me. Does any one know of a FET based regulator as a replacement for the stock unit?

I'm planing on a taking my 17K mile bike on a 10K mile trip to alaska next that replacement regulator may be prudent
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