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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
I think you'll like it. The HID ... even just the single bulb ... makes a huge difference on the road. Don't go too Blue, warmer temp is better, IMO.

The elec. power bonus means both my 77 watt Gerbing and 30 watt Symtec grips both work better than before .... and so far ... no dead battery running with everything on.

On long, multi-day rides, during the day ... when it's really cold ... I still switch off my headlight just to allow a margin of safety ... or at least in the last 20 minutes of my ride. (to allow battery to re-charge to 100%)

I did this all through Mexico in unseasonably COLD weather and worked a treat. And all this with an OLD battery that is in need of replacement. (3 years old)

So are you running the high/low setup with the big relay box? If so, any advice on mounting and/or wiring the relay would be very much appreciated. I agree about temp --I went with the 4500, which I think is the warmest option. Hopefully I can get this up and running in the next couple of days...

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