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Originally Posted by gefr View Post
I know from the mechanics they avoid soldering connections cause they tend to create stiff parts on the wires. That makes the ending of the soldering prone to cut, due to vibrations.
Humidity doesn't seem to be a problem, since the OEM R/R get submarined often. Heat is their major problem as they produce their share as well, but better placement is a good idea.
I do believe that no solder is SOP for airline electrical systems. I use waterproof heat shrink on each connection and then again on the outer cover. That stuff is rigid and would probably be enough to hold the wires together by itself. I have absolutely no worries about my soldered connection.

In regards to the humidity, I was mainly referring to; a. that stock electrical connector going to the stator. It isn't a sealed unit and every one I have looked in was full of crap and had the wires starting to corrode. and b. The starter relay has been the culprit for many on here with running issues. It seems there is a thin piece of wire which corrodes. I've seen it in a few threads and in the HOW.

When I was researching the R/R units I found a vat of info on Triumph forums. They were using the same (or very similar) shunt style R/R. So many of them were failing that Triumph warrantied them. Anyhow, in laymens terms, what I got was that the shunt style do not work very efficiently. The higher the rpm of the motor the more voltage is put out by the stator. The shunt style will have to work harder due to the increased load and will actually allow less voltage to the battery than at idle. Basically their technology is crap and they fail due to internal heat and poor components not really external heat from the motor and being in an enclosed environment (sure this doesn't help though). Plus, when they fail it is very irregular and in spikes that ruin other components and the battery. It certainly isn't good for the 990 folks with all the sensors. It can lead to running issues IMO.
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