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Ok... I have only had time to get into the back yard with the lights so far. I will try to get some more this weekend, but this gives you an idea of the light.

All of these were taken one right after the other in about the same spot in my back yard with a Canon PowerShot G12 manually set to a 2000 ISO, 1/5 exposure time and and aperture f/2.8. With the settings held static it will give you an idea of the different amount of light. Both bikes sat on a charger to make sure the batteries were fully charged before the photos. Neither bike had me on it... so adjustments might look off with the SE and I have not even tried to adjust the Squadron yet although it looks very easy to do. The fence is about 60+feet away from the front of the light.

Suer Enduro low beam with aftermarket bulb (I think 60w):

Super Enduro high beam with aftermarket bulb (80w):

I know, I know, the stock Super Enduro head light sucks big time even with an aftermarket bulb.

Ktm 400 with Squadron Light (only one beam):

I'll try to get some photos with a bit more distance in the next few days.
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