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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
I don't know if I missed it previously, but I just read this morning that Dan Weldon had signed a deal with Andretti and GoDaddy for 2012 just hours before the Vegas race.
That is news to me, so I missed it too if it was announced. I know they had been talking, but did not know it was a signed deal. That is really not something that they would probably talk about though after the tragedy. I kind of question that though, the Go Daddy people were pretty adamant that NASCAR is where they are getting a return on investment. I am not sure if that was just a dig at the establishment or they truly feel that way. From an exposure standpoint, that is a no brainer. Most racing fans are pretty good about supporting those who help fund the sport though. NASCAR fans are known to be the best at it by most marketing dept. analysis.

Do you have a source for that RR?
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