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Low Beam Setup

Originally Posted by MJS View Post
PPS, this would be awesome with a PWM dimmer to run as a high/low setup.

Originally Posted by islano View Post

Bright and Dim please!
Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
When you get the light see if there is a way to make it passable for road use. ie tilting it down on the fly or running some tape on the lens to reduce head-on glare.

Trent and/or Diego,

+1 to what these guys said.

Is it possible to run 2 LED's at a time? If so, I could run 2 with a shield over them to make a passable street-use low beam (wired to low on the headlight switch), and then the other 2 (or all 4 of them together) as high beam. Going with this 2 + 2 setup would only use 22 watts at a time, and even with half of the light shown in Post #40 it would be as good or better than any halogen on the market. With a 2 light low, 4 beam high setup it would be as good or better than almost any 35watt HID on the market, with the ability to switch between high and low instantly and having none of the "hassles" of HID.

Best of all it's only 22 watts for the 2 + 2 setup. For us guys who are very short on stator power, that's a dream come true. I'd drop $350 on that setup in a heartbeat!

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