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Interesting New Charts

Here are some charts related to the stock Lambda Sensor voltages sampled by the GS-911 during the Highway Test Ride.

First a Pareto Chart of Lambda voltages during Open Loop:

You can see that in the Open Loop periods, the Motronic spent most of its time fueling a richer than Stoic mixture (600 mV and greater). There were also times during deceleration that it dropped to a leaner mixture (below 450 mV) and even times when the fuel was cut-off.

Next is a chart of Lambda Voltage during a Local Ride while the bike warmed up.

You can see that the bike stayed above 450 mV and nicely rich. The rider (me) enjoyed the smoothness and responsiveness and went through the gears briskly.

Next is a chart of a fairly well behaved highway trip. If you look at the Lambda voltages you can see them toggling high and low during Closed Loop and if you look closely you can see the Motronic going Open Loop (points a., b., c., d.) and richer during a couple quick gear changes (#1, #2).

Lastly, here is a chart of a lower RPM pair of shifts with the bike warmed up. You can see at point (a.) the throttle has been opened, at point (b.) the RPM sagged related to the ECU going Closed Loop (c.), and with plenty of lean Lambda voltages (d.) although the Lambda voltage may be toggling during this period and it can't be seen do to the slower sampling rate issue that I mentioned in the prior post. Still you can see it has gone Closed Loop and there are plenty of lean points. Then you can see the same thing happen again in (e., f. and g.).

So since the motorcycle is going to enter Closed Loop at times (like acceleration) when one would prefer a richer mixture (as it is before the bike Oil Temp sensor warms and allows Closed Loop), I will head back to the shop to finish installiing the Wideband LC-1 to see how the bike runs with a richer Closed Loop mixture range. Time to stop writing and start working!
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