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Originally Posted by sagedrifter View Post
I'm fixing to convert to HID. I figure the 35 watt single version would be best. No moving parts, less to go wrong.

I wonder how durable the hi/lo beam version will be on a thumper? The 35 watt version is plenty bright to me anyway....

I'll find out soon.

The DR650 would not support dual H4's for long! The whole point of HID is the lower power use. I need more juice for me jacket liner yall....
I have had issues with the hi/lo on my DR. The Hi/Lo feature on the first bulb went bad after about 5000 miles, so I only had Lo. The current one has about 20000 on it and, when it's cold (below about 30 F) it gets a bit cantankerous - once it warms up it's OK.

I should note, too, that I now have a Shorai battery and it seems it is less affected by and recovers more quickly from a heavy drain. When it's cold enough (below 20 F) I usually have my Gerbings liner on, my heated grips on and, since I'm commuting in the dark, my headlight and my Solstice LED's on and it seems to do just fine (voltmeter registering no lower than 13.6 and usually around 14.2 - fluctuates as the grips and jacket liner cycle). With the standard battery I simply had to choose something to shut down or on my 20 mile commute it would tend to run down to the low 13's.

On a side note, my Vapor doesn't like the cold either - won't work (speedometer only) below about freezing. Haven't a clue.
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