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I had a problem with my speedo on the weekend. At speed, the needle would sit on 0 and at a crawl it would bounce around. Pulled it apart and found the plate that transfers between the hub and the gear had worn/expanded so would spin around on the gear.

Had a quick look online and it seemed I could only get whole units, so I squished the plate in the vice and put it back together. Anyone know if that plate is meant to be flat, btw? Mine was bent out so the tabs bent away from the hub. I think I flipped it around when I put it back together.

Made up a prototype heat shield for the exhaust today out of some 3mm steel flatbar and scrap fibreglass PCB.

I've also got my bags mounted independently to each other now, with the short seatbelt straps run head-to-tail of the bike around the frame. You can see the strap hanging out in the above photo, one end between the seat and side panel and the other above the heat shield/below the toolbox.

Also I finally got my new headlight, so I'll be getting around to making a mount for that some time soon, hopefully.
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