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you calling' me fat?

Originally Posted by jcf View Post
Oh - by the way - that bike your looking at has been for sale for quite a while now.
I was going to take a look at it when I was in Cali but didn't have the time.

Definitely worth a look.
That one is RS ready.

One other thing - the M8 is not a bike for big folk - if you're around 200 pounds I would look for a M23
i know, i've been watching this bike for several months as it has been surfacing and sinking repeatedly. curiosity finally got the better of me.

that M8 of yours is a beauty!

i am, at a few days away from 47, 5'9" and 195 pounds. the heaviest i have ever been, and a good 25 pounds over what i consider a good stable weight. last few years have seen far more hours in front of the screen than on top of the pedals, and i am paying the price. as part of an ongoing series of resolutions, bicycles and motorcycles are the things i need to spend more time playing around on, and work needs to be the thing i spend less time stressing out about. working on that. but thanks for the sizing tip.

out of curiosity - do the M23s differ much in physical dimensions - wheelbase, seat height, bar reach - from the M8, or is it a matter of smaller motor being the fatty killer?
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