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Originally Posted by Yossarian™ View Post
I'd say that you should move past the brand and also investigate bikes from other manufacturers.

Tiger 800
I've actually owned a number of XLs (100,150,250,650), a KLR 650, KLX 250s, and Yamahas over the past number of years and have taken many long distance trips with these Japanese bikes (including Canada to Mexico on the KLR). I have enjoyed all those, but they just seem very basic (they work fine, but I have never 'loved' them).

I'm now looking for something a bit more technically advanced (ie. fuel injection) and have test rode a few BMWs and fell in love. I may be in the honey moon phase of BMW enduros, but I can always trade up again in a few years. The 1200 was amazing, but WAY too much bike for exploring the back country, the old 650s are nice, but heavy and a bit small for eating up miles. I was leaning to the F8, but have concerns around reliability.

I'm sold on the BMW for my next ride, just need to determine if the F8 is worth the extra $$, of if something like a new Sertao or used 2008 Dakar would suffice.
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