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WOW That is one sweet M23 !!!

It's more the engine capacity.

I am actually not sure if the frame is the same. I know I have an article that compares the two models but I will need to dig for it.

The Mk 2 has a slightly larger wheelbase of 1315 mm vs 1305 on the M8

" " heavier at 102 Kilos vs. 97 Kilos "

Both are the same height at both seat and bars.

It is surprising how much beefier the Mk2 feels next to the M8 looking at those #'s, but the Mk 2 definitely feels bigger.

I am 5'6 155 and the smaller bike fits me like a glove.

PSchrauber has good reason to have issues with the Metralla as despite the simple design they can be finicky.
I have been chasing small problems since I got it.
I would not feel comfortable riding a long way on it not only for the mechanical/electrical gremlins but because they vibrate like crazy.
You need to keep the torque wrench ready and the story goes that with the Mk2 you had to carry a pocketful of plugs and tail lights.

But I love it none the less.
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