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Old Bridges

Follow my track log as you read this--and you'll see just where I am.

I first went to bridge icg rd2 O-WB which was a wooden bridge over a railroad track.
I guess I didn't take a picture of it---but after crossing the bridge the road ended very quickly
at a house on a muddy dirt road---it was their only way to their house------the bridge was in bad shape
and if it gets closed--they will have no way of getting to their house.

Next up was skillet fork O-TT

A really neat old bridge that brought traffic down to one lane.
Nice to find this one still standing.
If and when the Illinois economy regains itself---I'm sure they'll tear it down.

Next up was icg3 rd C-WB
Which was a wooden bridge over the railroad---there were many of these going over this
same railroad----however after riding a bit thru the mud and tall weeds the bridge was blocked from my side
and after looking on the other side---it looked like you couldn't even get to it from there.

I tried to get to johnsonville C-PT
It was down a muddy road that was grown up in trees--and I wouldn't have had to hike to it
probably on private property to it---------and I didn't.

Next up on the track log you'll see endsley creek C-PT
I never saw any kind of a bridge there---there was a tiny creek with a culvert--and
I guess that was it ??????

But my favorite find of the day------sycamore creek C-PT

I went down a road that dead ended at the bridge and creek----I went passed the last house
and down a very muddy hill-----a big GS would have sunk in the mud------on a dry day it would be fine.

On the other side of the bridge---the road had gone back to nature pretty much and you'd have
to hike in from the East side.

I stayed here awhile----had a snack---a drink---and pondered the bridge.

Closed to all traffic
Built 1909
Pony truss
Length of largest span: 60.0 ft.
Total length: 84.0 ft.
Deck width: 13.5 ft.

Weight limit-------one KLR with a fat old man-----maybe !!!!

Another bridge---the Dorsey bridge--on the Little Wabash was gone---and I had wandered down a dead end road
that was flooded at the end---and into a whole bunch of hunters along the river drinking beer around a campfire.
I was a little worried as they all glared at me.
But after I took my helmet off and they saw I was just some fat old man with a smile-- we had a great time talking.
I finally told them the reason I went down this road was to find an ole bridge.
They all laughed and pointed to the river---the bridge was gone but you could still see the pilings
sticking out of the water-------dang it---------I didn't take a picture.
Before I left they invited me to stay and drink beer and said I could come down here and camp anytime

I had also tried to see this bridge from a levee on the other side of the river---you can see that in my track log--but
it was extremely flooded.

Next up was drainage ditch3 O-PT

Which was replaced with this horrible concrete structure which just bout made me sad.

Up next tr454 O-PT

The sun was going down----deer were everywhere---it was getting colder and I had to work
at finding this one and almost gave up.----but I thought to myself---heck this could be the last time
I get to ride all winter-----and I had to backtrack quite a bit cause I couldn't get across a drainage ditch
to find this one---the track log there will confuse you there.

I was dissapointed at what I found---but proud I had "Endeavored To Persevere"

It was replaced---but not long ago.
I don't think that road went thru---but it was way too muddy out there for me to try.
I think this just serves farmers to get across the drainage ditch.

I had so much fun today---ran my electric vest and heated grips all day.
My KLR is so much fun to ride and is so dependable---if it ever fails to start I'd expect the world
to quite turning.

By the way-----the bridge in this picture with my 950 on it----I tried to get to as it was
kind of on my way home--but the road to it was under 4
feet of water.

It is bridge grayville O-TT

Man I hope it didn't wash away-------it's my favorite.
You can see on the gps track log how close I got to it---I couldn't see it thru the trees--unless it was gone

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