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Originally Posted by dogmoon View Post
Thanks Mark I enjoyed that I couldnt get out to ride today maybe tomorrow.
Glad you enjoyed that----tomorrow I'm going for dry fork C-PT which the waypoint info says it's closed----and after google earthing it-----it looks like the road from both sides of it is going back to nature----so I'll hike in to it---take a picture---pee off the bridge----have a snack----a candy bar. And if I don't get arrested for trespassing or shot by a hunter---you'll see the pics tomorrow night

Then Down the creek a ways is bridge dry fork O-PT which according to the waypoint is open to traffic----and after looking at it from google earth---the road looks traveled. No bonus points for this one

Wish you was over hear Dogmoon-----we could go camping in the rain and throw our tents in the dumpster (private joke).

Might drag out the pig 950 and get stuck in a mudhole.
Nah---think the KLR will be better. Hard to go back after upgrading
And the 250 is too fast for this kind of thing.
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