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When I worked at a BMW shop, I helped a lot customers get this type of information for their suspension upgrades.

Which Bike = Make, Model, Year
How Heavy = What percentage (%) do you ride with a passenger (and what do they weigh?) Also do you carry loaded saddlebags/topcase, etc (and what do they weigh and what percentage of the time?)
Which Tires (Tyres) = What type of riding? Off-road, commute, adventure or sport-touring , etc.? Example: 60% commute 30% adventure touring 10% aggressive off-road.
Rider Weight = what you weigh WITH your gear on

I would suggest we (as in non-metric countries) convert pounds or stones to kilograms so Herr Hubert doesn't need to worry about the math.

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I know he'll want to know which bike, how heavy and which tyres. He also wants to know how heavy the riders is.
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