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LC-1 Installed

Yesterday I finished installing the Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Wideband O2 Controller on my 2004 R1150RT. Before describing the project and my first test ride impressions a couple points:

--When the valves are adjusted, idle set and the throttle bodies are balanced my 1150RT runs pretty well.
--My preference is that the motorcycle is as near stock as possible, maintaining EVAP canister and Catalytic converter.
--BMW and Bosch (Motronic, O2 sensor, ABS) design well and know more about these systems than I ever could.
--The aircraft that I flew for a couple decades had three main performance modes: Full Rich (takeoff and climb), Best Power (fastest cruise, AFR< 14) and Best Economy (greatest range, AFR > 15). Although all modes were "smooth", if you over-leaned Best Economy the engine would start to stumble and eventually ping.

--Ethanol fuel: The 2004 RT uses Open Loop fueling tables that were designed for gasoline with a stoichiometric AFR of 14.7:1. In the Northeast US, gasoline with up to 10% ethanol is about all that's available, which has a 14.1:1 AFR. This suggests that the stock Open Loop fueling tables run about 4% leaner than the BMW/Bosch designers planned for. (In Closed Loop operation when the O2 sensor is used for control it automatically corrects for the E10 fuel.)

--My '04 RT feels strong while the engine is cold. After warming up, the motor seems reigned-in a bit from 2,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm (and reminds me a lot of how my plane felt with a too-lean mixture). After warming up the Motronic allows Closed Loop operation with the O2 sensor which means the AFR (in gasoline terms) is toggling between an AFR in the low 14s to an AFR in the low 15s. And since the cylinders are independent of one another, one cylinder is bound to be even leaner than the other.

My project goals:
1) Open Loop: Richen fueling tables to compensate for gasoline with Ethanol added. For this I've used a BoosterPlug which claims 6% richer mixtures; and ethanol fuel is about 4% leaner so I'm guessing about a 2% gain richer mixture overall.)

2) Closed Loop: Richen the stoichiometric target by the smallest amount needed to remove the sense of leanness between 2,000 and 4000 rpm. The Innovate Motorsports LC-1 provides a programmable Narrow Band output to the bike's Motronic ECU input.

LC-1 Kit: Bosch Wideband O2 sensor, LC-1 Controller, Cables, Programming Software, Serial Bus programming input.
Also purchased: PC Serial Bus to USB Converter (since none of my computers have serial inputs)

1. Pull the fairings, remove the fuel tank (replaced QDs at same time).
2. Drop the exhaust, remove stock Narrow Band O2 sensor, install Wideband O2 sensor.
3. Install LC-1 controller on right side of bike, under tank on frame, near alternator.
4. Connect Wideband O2 to LC-1, routing cable using same path as stock O2 sensor.
5. Route LC-1 cables to left-hand side of bike, along frame, and make connections to power, ground, AFR meter (part of LC-1).
6. Route LC-1 programming cables to area under seat behind electrical box.
7. Connect LC-1 Narrow Band output to Motronic by cutting and splicing into the original O2 sensor leads.
8. Leave O2 heater wires connected to the stock Narrow Band sensor, temporarily, until I can figure out what the Motronic needs to "see" in order to enable Closed Loop and not create a fault code. Tie wrap O2 sensor to frame.
9. Program closed loop AFR target to 14.2 which was a guess about where to start.
10. Start the motorcycle, attach the GS-911, let it warm up, confirm Closed Loop operation and make sure there were no Fault Codes in the Motronic. EVERYTHING WORKED! (Photo below shows #1) AFR switch points, and #2) that the bike entered Closed Loop after warming up.)

The installation took about 6 hours spread over a few days. Someone experienced could do it faster but it was the first time I'd pulled the tank and exhaust. I got out for a test ride late yesterday.

Riding Impressions:
The course was over winding, hilly, straight and flat roads for about an hour. I am truly excited by the first results. Knowing that I'm looking for a positive outcome I wouldn't blame you for being skeptical. I haven't collected data yet to back up my impressions. But I'm not selling anything, just trying to enjoy my bike more. Here are some observations.

--No hesitation, no feeling of being reigned-in or surging. No popping, pinging or backfiring. In brief, no negatives.
--Very smooth acceleration in every gear at high and low RPMs.
--Good roll on throttle response at high and low RPMs.
--Very good cruise at low RPMs (2,500 to 4,000). 5th gear was a pleasure at 40 MPH or so. 6th gear, from memory, was easy at 50.
--Smooth at high RPMs.
--Warmed-up bike using Closed Loop modes feels just like the cold engine--strong and smooth.

Still to be done:
--Clean up wiring
--Figure out what to do about Motronic heater wires (cut or add a resistor)
--Try many more combinations of Closed Loop AFR settings
--Carefully monitor Motronic operation with GS-911 (no error codes so far)
--Get an exhaust gas analysis after settling on an AFR.

I'm not sure how much I can get done before the snow starts here in MA. When it does start snowing, the bike will get opened up for a spline lube.

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