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It's almost time to head down south

I can't fathom what Ned, Bill and Jonah must be going threw, I suppose it must be easier on Jonah since he knows what's in store. For me this is quite exciting and a bit nerve racking. Three weeks and one medium duffle bag....seems easy and if I was packimg for one of my bike trips this would be routine but I keep second guessing myself. What if I get sick, a headache, the runs, a sore back, etc. It's a whole lot of driving each day and there isnt room for whining. The racers wil be enduring so much more hardship than I will be that it doesn't seem right to even put into writing these trivial concerns I have. None the less I seem to be having moments of "holy crap what have signed up for".

One medium sized duffle bag for three weeks. A sleeping bag, pillow and a sleeping pad. Not much room for anything else. A few shirts, sandals, sun glasses, shorts and a pair of jeans. Went to the pharmacy and spent a few bills...advil, shaving supplies, deodorant, Advil, visine, robacacet (yes I am middle aged and like you a big fear is having back-pain from 16 days of driving and sleeping on the ground), qtips, Tums, etc

Weird thoughts keep popping into my head during the middle of the night, what if Robb only listens to Disco...well no fucking way can I listen to disco for three I said...weird and random thoughts

I haven't even left yet and this trip is proving to be more stressful than others trips I've taken on the past. I suppose it's the worry of being a part of a team. The Dakar is a wheel that keeps spinning every day, keep up or get left behind. I'm not a noob to expeditions (mountaineering, ski touring, river trips, bike trips, etc) but the Dakar doesn't allow for a day of "crap I feel shitty and need t take a rest day". Plus my days of hard core expeditions were during my "glory days". From what I gather the Dakar is a giant circus and you confom or become a liability. To be truthful this is a bit daunting. Like many who read this thread I am a far cry from an athlete, I work in a cubicle and ride a bike on the weekend and during my yearly holidays. I smoke a pack a day, drink coffee like it's heroine and live a pretty routine life.

I keep having moments where I wonder if I haven't bitten off a bit more than I can chew.....then I think about what Ned and Bill are probably thinking right now...and well.......I'll be in an air conditioned truck rocking out to music (not disco) and generally enjoying the scenery and taking in the bike and truck porn....while they'll be putting their lives on the line to accomplish what few dare to achieve....and once again all thoughts of apprehension are forgotten and I get stoked to play a small part in the journey of Jonah's, Ned's and Bill's race to the finish line

Christmas is pretty much a wash as all thoughts are focused on the race. Wife, kid, job, etc have now become secondary to the countdown. I leave next week and I am filled with a mix of anxiety, excitement, trepidation and a slew of other emotions.

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