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Ok breakfast next morning is banana fritters and honey and this fruit which I think was called dragon fruit which tastes fairly bland despite it's colourful appearance

If you look back a few pic's ago to the view from our homestay deck there's a piece of bamboo sticking out and just below that a diagonal line in the forest on the other side of the valley. This is the road we take.
Heading out of town.

and some where over there is our previous nights homestay

we start to climb

came across the buildings in the middle of nowhere, unfinished ,no body about

and we kept climbing

and higher then came across this Zhou village

still higher then over the pass

Got a bit foggy

Two of us ran out of fuel and went onto reserve on this pass. At this place which was at Nguyen Binh I think, we had lunch.

On the menu ,chips ,pork,and the things in the foreground are fried bee larvae which were pretty nondescript but the sauce to go with them was nice.

we got fuel at Tinh Tuc which was only 2ks in the wrong direction the about turned and headed down the mountain

remember how I mentioned how clean we were near the beginning of the thread, not so now

We arrived in Cao Bang and checked into a hotel. the view from my room

Had a shower got cleaned up and went for a wander around town

more later must go
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