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Next to the original rail bed and across a large creek, I found these stone ruins.

These structures are part of the old Sloss–Sheffield Steel Company’s limestone quarry. Metallurgical limestone was used in the iron making process. It was used as a flux. Flux helped facilitate the separation of slag from the iron.

On further investigation, I found that these old kilns were used to test the impurities in the limestone.

This was a very busy place back in 1906.

Metallurgical limestone was favored due to its lack of impurities. Silica and alumina are not desirable when it comes to flux. The limestone here at Blount Springs contains only 1.05 % silica and only .82 parts alumina. This was some of the most favorable material in the country. It is rare to see any remains of these old kilns.

Both ruins are barely noticeable today.


this kiln is one of the finest remaining examples still standing in the country. It is only a few hundred yards away and is located just off the original rail bed.

Old loading facilities:

The old quarry where the material was removed.

Metallurgical limestone was so abundant in Blount Springs and such a huge resource for the iron industry. The industry that helped to build this country.

I’m going to keep looking around……
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