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Originally Posted by bmwblake View Post
here's the tank that was mentioned.
my 79 has a plastic tank which to me is good. i wouldn't want to deal with a fiberglas tank due to all the ethanol in the fuel here now. i'd either have to be super selective on where it get gas (i usually am) or spend time lining a brand new tank.
Look a little bit expensive to me?

Here the ressource from Europe:
(go to Bultaco new parts, then tanks & frame parts)

Next ressource from Europe:
(scroll down and go to: Depˇsitos trial plßstico y fibra)

There are some other ressources in Spain too but they don't talk English and will seldom reply
on foreign E-Mails, so I skip them here out.

By the way I don't use anly normal pump gas for my old bikes nowadays as it not only contains ethanol which we also have in Europe (up to 10% you don't get any pump gas with less them 5% now).

I use Swedish made Aspen gasoline which is based on alkylate, naphta and benzene, available up to 100 ROZ,
they made this stuf for two stroke forest engines like chain saws, due to their enviroment regulations.

This stuff is really etahnol free you can store it in years too, it burns nearly soot free and it is even not so harmful for the enviroment. The standard stuff does not work for competition motorcycles but they do have what they call Aspen R R= racing this workes very good, backdraw is the price which is twice as much as we pay here for pump gas.
But as you will never have issues with:
- gas gum,
- the storability,
- enthanoland
- any dissolve rubber, plastic ore fiberglass parts.

It's worth the money IMHO as I don't use the bikes so often and the consumption is very low for trials bikes too (compared to other twoństroke dirt bikes).

Forgot the ressource here:
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