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KLR650...A great touring bike.

(Brisbane / Wollongong/ Brisbane)

2181KM in two days.......more than happy with that.

Instead of starting at the beginning I would like to paint a picture of an experience I had on the Putty Road when returning from a recent Interstate visit. ( For those unfamilar with the Putty Rd. it is about 160km of motorcycle friendly ! ! bitumen between Windsor and Singleton. NSW.) It will be etched on my memory for life.

The scene: 6.30am North bound Putty Rd. 17/12/2011 ( early damp patches)

I was enjoying the great free flowing corners mixed with ever tightening 35 /45 kph L & RH bends. Just me, my KLR and the road.

Then a flash caught my mirror, I focused on Valentino closing at a rapid rate. ( or was it Jorge, I couldn't quite make out the helmet colours.) He rocketed past on a naked Japanese in line 4, accelerating up to maybe 120 /130kph. A familiar smell filled my nostrils. Methanol and Castrol R30, or possibly some specially formulated, top secret $30 ltre. synthetic oil made especially for this factory rider.

A 35kph LH was approaching rapidly, I was already on the brakes ( the KLR fronts could be better) Val was going deep. the soft compound rear squirmed a little under brakes then settled. He arse slid off the seat, a huge leg came out, grounding out the sliders. ( with all this leg action I thought I saw a # 34 on the side ....but it doesn't matter)

He hit the apex perfectly, picked the bike up early and was gone in seconds.
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