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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
...No body is measuring the stators temperature but only the cover temperature and through various means. The stator is mostly hanging inside there and not in particularly good contact with the cover.

What would be REALLY interesting is if someone attached a thermocouple to the stator and read off temperatures. Hell, could add a gauge to the cluster and monitor it full time. "I ride a BMW, stator temperature is more important then coolant or oil pressure lol"

But seriously, I have a cheap digital candy thermometer. The sort u get at a grocery store. As it happens, It dropped into some carmel I was making and while I was tearing apart the kitchen looking for it, my carmel turned into hard candy. While chipping it out of the pan I found my digital candy thermometer but broken in half. The thermocouple, wire and display head all came out and still works. The wires are tiny and would squeeze under the rubber plug on the cover, RTV the junction to the magnet wire, tape the head to the cover and we would have real temperatures.

I.m in St Louis if anyone wants to come by and experiment :)
I a prior job, a long long time ago in a galaxy far away, when I mounted up thermocouples for temperature monitoring we used a "thermal epoxy" ... its a two-part expoy like the regular stuff, but modified for better thermal conductivity.... good stuff - this would likely be OK:

Joel: You're right of course ... If we are going to get to the bottom of this .... getting some accurate baseline measurements, then comparing them to readings taking with bash plate, with heat shield, swapping regulators, etc. is really required.
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