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Originally Posted by C5! View Post
Tks cowboy. looks like i should go this way as well. How much work did it require to do the wrap, did you have to remove the headers, etc... needed new gaskets? there are all kind of wraps, fiberglass, titanium, etc.. I have no experience whatsoever in exhaust wraps, anyone better than the other?
C5! I did not remove the headers. I got some heat wrap at the local auto parts store for $18.00. I used a couple of clamps to secure the tape at both ends. I started 1" forward of the foot peg and wrapped BOTH pipes all the way up just past where the Alternator cover stops, then single wrapped to finish at inlet.

You MUST start your wrap from the bottom - if not you leave room for water, sand, ect to enter the wrap. You will understand what I mean if you start from the top...... hahahaha.

I used a cheap-ass digital thermo. Yeh, I know they are not real accurate - I just wanted some kind of temp difference. I rode the bike for about 30 minutes without the tape - measured the alternator cover temp closest to the exhaust tube. Then I wrapped it, did a 100 mile hamburger ride and when I returned I measured at exact same place. It was much cooler... you could actually touch the cover without burning the hell out of your finger.

So... my pea-brain says to me - "look, if the cover temperature is lowered, the stator temperature inside the cover must be lowered too" - and lower temperature COULD mean longer stator life". Really, it said that to me.

Yes the stator area has a small oil bath. I would like to see a modified cover with some kind of cooling fins built in - because I REALLY think heat is the issue here...

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