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Originally Posted by Graminal95 View Post
This is just what I have been thinking about doing for the last few months. I have an LC-1 in my rally car (sitting idle at the moment) that I was going to grab and use just as you have. I am very curious about your results, and the data you will be collecting, so please continue posting!. I have a r1100gs with a not as smart ECU, but I think the gains will be on par with yours if I install the LC-1 for closed loop and a AIT offset (IICE air) for open loop.
You will be pleased with the results if you can handle the wiring. Yesterday I rode and collected several thousand data points at AFR=14.2 and AFR=13.8 which I will write up later today or tomorrow.

Both delivered excellent responsiveness, to the point that I would sound over-the-top if I described the improvement. Let me just say, the bike runs VERY smoothly now at both settings.

One of the differences between 14.2 and 13.8 is that the idle speed increased by 75 RPM (approx.) when I adjusted to 13.8. This gives one indication of how much the Boxer engine likes a Best Power type mixture.

The other thing that the data I will plot shows is that the Motronic can't tell there's a programmable O2 sensor connected--this is good! It goes closed loop as it always did, BUT, at a richer Closed Loop mixture.

If you try installing the LC-1 and a gauge, there are the following connections to make:

Key-On 12V: Find a power wire that is only on when the key is on. There are two/three wires to connect.
Low Impedance Ground: At the Battery Negative. There are four/five wires to connect.
Motronic O2 inputs: Black for signal, Grey for ground (still deciding what to do with the Grey wire), two White wires for the O2 heater. Heater wires need to be connected to the old O2 sensor or a resistor. I am connected to the old O2 but will replace with a 10 Ohm resistor (approx.).
Other misc. connections: Led, Switch, gauge.

The layout will be the hardest part, figuring out what to put where. When I have a final opinion on how best to connect the Motronic Sensor-Ground-Input (grey wire), I will post that.
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