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It is nice to find like minded riders

I often say there is nothing rarer than an original thought. I knew if I looked long enough I would find someone on the net thinking as I am. I want a truly light weight adventure touring bike. I have narrowed my search down to the 500 EXC. I was thinking about putting soft bags on it and I found this thread. I read the 500 exc? Thread and Harcus and a few others seems to have a lot of great ideas and I am happy to think we are like minded. Thanks for your input. I do have a few questions.
My KTM dealer has two 500 EXC's on the floor. Is the price negotiable or does everyone pay MSRP? What is a good deal? What should I ask for?
Second, does anyone make an integrated, hand gaurd, front turn signal mirror or is this my invention? Back of hand guard is LED turn signal like modern sports bikes have on the back sides of the mirrors. Make the inside of the hand guards out of reflective convex plastic to act as a mirror. My F 150 has a convex plastic mirror on the bottom portion of the side mirrors that work well. Not concerned about how effective the mirror is just trying to check the box for two mirrors for the police man. I am a minimalist at heart. This would clean up the DS parts hanging off my “dirt bike”. I think one part doing three things is better and saves weight. IMHO Nothing looks worse than turn signals and mirrors hanging off any bike.
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