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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
That made me laugh. Go on- tell us the story!
Well, it's not that good of a story, but any story that happens in Moab is probably worth telling. The first time I went to Moab we didn't do much planning ahead, but were able to get a camping spot in Canyonlands Campground. It's one of those places that have 100 people camping within 100 meters (is it really "camping" if you can hear someone fart 4 tents over?).

Three of us were in a tent, shoulder to shoulder. I was in the middle and both of the other guys were snoring, but one guy started snoring especially bad. When I say he sounded like a calf being eaten alive, that is absolutely not an embellishment. I remember thinking that every camper within 80 yards of us had to be hearing him loud and clear and must be getting angry.

I finally decided I had better wake him up. He flipped over and went back to snoring "normally". I don't know how a person makes that sound. He was probably near death via sleep apnea and waking him saved his life.
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