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shopping for a deal

I saw on the net that the MSRP for a 500exc was $9,599? I think that was close to the off the cuff rough est. the sales guy gave me. I am doing my homework as I always do, then go into purchase with as much knowledge as I can. $8,800 sounds a lot better. Anyone willing to share what they paid? It is so much easier buying a truck. Dealer invoice is all over the net. Start there and go up a few hundred, done deal.
I do want to support my local dealer but that doesn't mean they have to hit a home run on the bike deal as I will be spending money in their shop on all the gear required to go from street ridding to off road. I am very grateful I found this site and this thread.
I live in Washington and the state law on off road motorcycles being plated changed and goes into effect 1/1/12. It is not clear to my dealer just how the details work out but it sounds like it will be possible to plate a 500 XC W in January. If that is the case would it be better to go with the XC W and add the lights and horn as opposed to desmogging and regearing the exc? My plans are to replace the mirrors, turn signals and hand guards anyway so this might be a less expensive route to the same bike in the end. I read a few comments on the 500 EXC ?, thread on this very subject but it died out. Seems WA state riders might now have a choice?
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