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$16...and the best investment in lighting I've ever made

I'm one of those guys who could buy a $400 watch or $200 pair of sunglasses and destroy them the next day (sadly have done both those things more than once). So I don't place much stock in money paid for adventure gear because adventuring, by its very nature, means that there is a good chance you are going to destroy or severely damage your equipment at your first available convenience.

Choice in equipment is made via a question of equity. Is what I'm buying worth what I'm going to get out of it? Will it perform to the standards that are needed? Am I paying for a 'name' or am I paying for a product that will meet (and hopefully exceed) my expectations?

With using equipment up to (and beyond) its usable life as a goal I much prefer to put form and function before price (both cheap and expensive...there is no substitute for a superior product), which is why I have no problem beating the crap out of a 14K motorcycle (and I do beat the crap out of it) and which is why I'm so proud of my $16.00 (yes sixteen dollar) lights. A lot of people try to make a buck off unsuspecting "adventurers" who think that cost equals quality. Cost DOES NOT equal equals cost and cost alone. Quality is a completely separate metric from cost and should never be confused with it. Cost is what we pay. Quality is what we get.

I paid $16, I got so much more than I ever expected in quality.

These are the best lights I've ever had on a bike...low wide beam that catches deer and other critters in the 0 to 4 foot spot beam across about 160 degrees in arc. I can see a deer from about a quarter mile away and can dodge a possum crossing my dirt path at night doing 80+ mph with these lights.

The low beam is too low to cause most cage drivers annoyance and I can keep them on at all times. When riding in a pack I've been told that the lighting has helped the pack leader know where everyone was when they looked in the mirror and that they prefer to have me behind them,.

$16 dollars in lighting for safety is a priceless investment (coming from someone who hit a deer and totaled a bike/himself @ 60 mph on a motorcycle in 2005 in the middle of the night)...and they hold up in jumps, bumps, bangs, crashes, and other circumstances that result in the typically smiling face with a mouth full of dirt.

Seriously the best night riding lights I've ever seen short of professional racing setups (my test samples includes HID, PIAA, Hella, and Denali).

55W Halogens. No significant drain on the battery. No issues with over-heating. Independently fused and monitored via a watt meter. Lighted handlebar switch. Installed in about 20 minutes including wire crimping time. Negligible weight. These lights kick ass in the - thick as shit end up with saplings around your mx boots trail blazing off road ride, and the peg scraping no street-light urban hill ride. Nothing negative that I can think of to comment on.


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